2 January 2011

Happy new year and puppy love to all and many more items to scrap

29 December coming home

Motion blur

Will need to work out how to capture his quick movements but blurry tail shows he happy
Wishing a peaceful new year to all. Puppy madness has hit our house and for the past few days we have been adjusting to life with our new lab pup. He is relatively calm most of the time and then he has those moments of puppy madness. Most of my photos are when he has exhausted himself and then flakes out fast asleep as the mad moments pass in a blur of yellow fluff. So far he has not been bothered by fizzy wine corks popping, new year fireworks in neighbour's garden (which we were worried would terrify him but he just looked up and went back to sleep), visitors and general mayhem. The one thing he objects to so far is music by Soundgarden - other bands are fine but there must be certain tones and pitches that worry him as he hid under Lens Guy feet when they came on.

At present he has white eyebrows and flashes of white on his hips

There are puppy toys all over our kitchen

I had been drying him with this and he ran off with it. He was so pleased with himself and then he fell asleep

So peaceful

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