2 January 2011

New year lanterns and thoughts on the year... and do I need to amend my blog's name?

Friends joined us for New Year and brought some paper lanterns to set off. We have used these in the past for celebrations but on a quiet beach and sending them off over the water - it's a little more stressful in the city. We did manage to set them all off but one had to be chased after and set off again. I was putting these photos into my blogging pics folder (with a sub folder for each month) and realised I have been blogging for a year. More accurately I have been noting down my thoughts and hobbies for the year. Who has it been for?
I love the fact that I can now look back on a year of posts and review events and memories and my haphazard progress in paper crafting and scrapping. It's not just paper adventures anymore as I do scrap digitally but often these become hybrid projects. When I gave MIL her gardening journal she loved it but Lens Guy had to point out I had made it (biggest compliment ever that she thought I had bought it!) and that makes me happy. The scrapbook I made for mum that caused me so much anguish has given her so much happiness and she now looks at photos of my dad and brother and shows them to other people which has to help her deal with the loss of the men in our family. My sis and sis in law loved the collages I made for them and me I just love all the pages I have created - paper ones and digital ones. I now have a record that I can review of my last year that also makes me happy. As I write this I have an idea for a lo about why i blog and so the creative process goes on. I wonder what the next year has in store?
more mess and fun
more new experiences
love and

Till the next time
Lots of love
Salamanda xxx

To my eldest son who can't understand why I write a blog no one reads - read this.
To my youngest daughter - my attendance at a monthly crop does not mean I am in a cult!
To my uks friends - it's been a pleasure to meet you
To me - keep doing this and finally and most importantly
To Lens Guy - thank you for understanding and appreciating me quirks and all.

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