10 January 2011

I got the swine flu blues

My last post was a little muddled as I was coming down with the flu. I have been in bed for over a week and still feel pole axed. I am better than a few days ago - lens guy told me I was raving about snakes climbing the mirror in the room. Snakes always feature in my nightmares and it would seem my hallucinations. Thankfully my temperature has dropped and head less sore and fuzzy. Funny now all the other boring symptoms more noticeable. Already tired doing this ( weird or what) so off to try and build up strength and hopefully...
Aargh my brain like marshmallow hit the wrong buttons on iPhone but found it again drafts. Love my phone as no way could get to my mac at moment.
When feeling less yuck have been visiting the wonderful blogs of tim holtz, dyan reavley at art from heart claudine hellmuth and dan Stumbled on a cutter blog hop too but can't think how to put those links in. Doh

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