21 February 2010

The finished card and where I was last week...

My finished valentine's card turned out okay although went a bit mad with the glitter. It was a hit with Lens Guy but confused the hell out of him as we never give cards but I think he got how much I appreciate everything he has done recently. I have been away for the week staying in the West Highlands near Arisaig but here is a picture of the finished card. We were staying at the house with friends and went for long walks on Camusdarach beach everyday. It was very cold but beautiful as you can see. The girls could not resist paddling and as usual the water came over the wellies. Youngest daughter had a bit of a crisis as she was wearing drainpipe jeans which were covered in salt water...If you have ever tried to remove skin tight jeans that have dried on salty water you will understand her predicament. Looking at the pics of the beach I wonder why we still go elsewhere in Louis Louis.

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