11 February 2010

Valentine preparations - yet I don't do Valentines

I found some blue and deep pinky tissue paper that had been wrapped round some wine bottles and decided to play with it. I tore it into strips and stuck onto pieces of card. I then decided to stick on a heart shaped tissue and then added blue layers on top of this. Numerous layers later I carefully exposed some of the red below to give a rough heart outline. This is now going to be used to make a valentine's card although I'm not sure why as I don't like these commercially driven holidays and I'd rather not be forced to be romantic on just one day. Anyway now covered in glitter - any excuse. I had to pop down to local Lidl store to pick up some bits and bobs and saw these silicone rose cake moulds and couldn't resist. Now all I need to do is fill them with vodka jelly or cupcakes or... I think all this focus on Valentine's is because I have far too much time on my hands and Lens Guy has had had to put up with an extremely grumpy invalid since I came out of hospital. The guy deserves some love.

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