9 February 2010

DIY in the house and playing with Scraphd and turning hybrid.

Lens Guy's brother was round today doing some diy for us. If you have been following this you will realise that whilst LG may be fairly domesticated he hates diy with a passion so his brother who is good at it comes and does stuff for us. We look after his youngest whilst he works. Our nephew is super cute but believes he can do whatever his dad does. I took some pics of him today - some a little shaky as he was not posing and I was trying to catch him naturally and yes... his dad thinks it's fine if he plays with the tools. layout created using scraphd. I have been enjoying using this site and so far it has all been free. You can sign up and not become a member of the club and it lets you use lots of free papers from some great designers and companies. I think what interests me most is that you can print and create hybrid projects. I am going to try that next.

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