21 February 2010

The Road to the Isles

We travelled back down on Friday and it was the most amazing journey. It had snowed in the morning but had not lain for long as we were too near the sea. The sky then cleared and we had one of those fabulous clear winter days. Youngest daughter and I had agreed that as it was such a gorgeous day Lens Guy could work on the way home. She was not happy that this turned a 4 hour trip into an epic day on the road. I was quite happy as whenever he stopped to take pics I would hop out point and shoot (leave the technical stuff to him) and then get back into Louis Louis (the motorhome) brew up some tea and read a book. Youngest daughter watched the first series of the OC and muttered darkly about uncaring fathers who made teenage daughters freeze their ass all day. Another fun family trip out. Enjoy the pics as they really show this part of Scotland at its best. Hopefully he took some good pics too but I've not seen them yet.

The pictures show the viaduct on the road from Arisaig to Loch Ailort. A stop just before Glenfinnan, Glencoe and Rannoch Moor. The sun setting over the snow was beautiful but I left LG outside as it was far to cold to hang about with a tripod.

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