22 February 2010

You're only supposed to dye your hair...

In honour of my phased return to work on Wednesday (1 day for 1 week, 2 for next etc) I decided I'd better remove all traces of grey from hair. As still very skint hairdresser out of the question and home dye job only option. I really should remember that I have a very good friend who is good and doing this - I just don't get organised to ask her and she has enough with her three kids and job etc. Anyway followed instructions on packet and died hair and face and neck and shoulders and arms and basin and wooden shelf by basin and the floor and... I was careful but the stuff just seemed to fly around the place. Anyway if you look at my cheeks those are not large freckles or beauty spots but bits of dye that won't come off. Aargh! I can just hear the comments on Wednesday. "Miss, did you dye your hair again/Why have you got marks on your face etc" Oh well what's new.
Just heading out for a brisk walk with Lens Guy as part of my physio. Keep telling myself it is good for me and may even help me shift some of this weight I have gained over last two months but really just want to sit at my mac and read crafty blogs and avoid stuff.

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