13 November 2010

Mod Podge transfers, Tim Holtz stamps, inks and so much paper messy fun

Distress inks, stamps, embossing and crackle

distress inks, stamps
I printed out a detailed section of  b/w photo of Eiffel Tower and then covered surface of card with modpodge stuck and rubbed paper face down and then peeled off - blue colour as printed in greyscale

I love the aged and faded and frankly haphazard nature of this technique and will be tying out lots more. My fingers were stained with ink and I could not get it out for days but it was fun.
Crumpled card stock, distress inks, then ironed it. Stamped bird and text

Distress inks on dictionary page, stamped and embossed text, stamped image, coloured with watercolour pro markers and added crackle paint
I treated myself to a few purchases this week - I justified it to myself as preparation for making Christmas presents. When the Mod Podge, Distress Inks, Crackle, Distress Items and Cinch arrived I just  had to play. I had no fixed idea in my mind so just created lots of little bits and pieces that I can may be use later.
I have a stock of old dictionaries with very thin paper and have been playing with these by crumpling then distressing then stamping (ironing too) and adding a bit of crackle paint.
I also bought the time masks - this is on recycled paper with pearl paint dabber

This paper already had paint on it from previous project and some bits of paper so tried pearl paint again and inks

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