11 March 2012

Altered Box - stamping with hot glue - part two

Metal, image transfer and ink embellishments from stamps
This is the technique courtesy of Annepat on UKstampers. When I first read it I though this will never work and it will ruin my stamp. But it does work and the stamp is fine... Grease cake cutter with vaseline so glue does not stick. Coat red rubber stamp in Versamark. Pour in hot glue.
 I tried putting glue in using my glue gun but it was too slow so I just cut up the glue sticks and melted them with my heat too. This time I had stamp facing up. When dry it comes out of cutter as below.
 Trim round edges and peel off the stamp from the dried glue.
 Finished piece - there was an air bubble so not perfect but I like this effect and I just swiped some distress stains over the stamp to highlight colours more.
This time (now I knew stamp was safe) I used PaperArtsy butterfly and dragonfly.
 I quite like the look of it embedded in the glue before I cut it out and I imagine this could make some interesting fossil like embellishments.
 For this one I just reused the glue I had cut away from the ones above and although it was slightly dirtier I hate to waste all that glue.
I also made these embellishments using a sandwich of PaperArtsy metal, double sided tape and image transfers which were then stamped, metal embossed with metal tools and swiped with alcohol ink.


  1. the hot glue experiments look fab and I think you're right about the potential for fossil-like embellies!

  2. What an absolutely interesting blog - I am a follower now so I won't miss a post.

    I love your experiments and you work is so original. I'll not be able to comment on every one of your blog posts, but I will visit every time you update it.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog - I truly appreciate your supportive comments

  3. I would never have thought of doing this with hot glue-but I'm going to do it now!

  4. What a great idea, for stamps.

  5. These are fabulous, I love the fossil type ones x

  6. That is one very nifty technique, looks stunning.
    C xx

  7. Thanks for this, such an interesting idea, I am going to have to have a go!!!!

  8. Hi Sally. Love this. TFS. Fantastic box on the previous post.
    Regards Florence xx
    Have had problems leaving comments on here until today.