7 October 2011

Family musings and rare photos of me

Family is something we all (mostly) have in one shape or form and when I have not been working I have been doing family stuff this past week or two, so less time to craft. Our other son was 21 last week and we had a party for family on the Saturday night and he then insisted we went to his club night as on the Sunday. I got to bed at 2.30 am that night and two late nights makes me a little tired. We really enjoyed it and for all of those who wonder what I look like the evidence is above. I hate getting my photo taken as I cannot reconcile the current "bit chubs" bespectacled person I see with the person in my head. My other son refers to people as a bit chubs and it perfectly describes my giving up smoking rounder shape and the fact that I eat too many biscuits and cakes.
It looks like I was horrified by Lens Guy's dancing - probably correctly - but I was also showing off the lost in the woods dance mood which is a bit of a family joke. I had meant to touch up the scary grey hair but was too busy entertaining family and working. Still needs done.
youngest daughter and son

Family also took over in the form of my mum this week as she had a fall last night and I had to go over and sort things out. Luckily she did not fracture her skull but one eye is totally closed and the other is going that way. I do have a photo of her, modelling the 10 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson look, that I took to send to my sister so she could see damage but no one else should see it. Mum is now staying with us for next 5 days so Lens Guy can look after her when I am at work. I love mum and enjoy having her to stay but the wee selfish imp in my head is crying "bang goes your planned weekend of crafting..." I might  manage a little if lucky. Thank you for dropping by.


  1. A bit chubs looks alright to me! Well done for giving up smoking...that is very hard. I know this because I have done it!
    Hope your Mum soon recovers. She will be shaken up I expect.Falling is nasty.

  2. Hi Sally. Fabulous photos. You all looked like you had a great time. Love Lens Guys dancing. That's what it is about - having fun with the family. Hope your Mum has a speedy recovery.
    Regards Florence x