4 December 2010

Addicted to Tim Holtz blog and 12 tags of christmas and new addition to family

Currently totally obsessed with tim's blog and his 12 tags of Christmas. If you have somehow not seen this (highly unlikely) I strongly recommend a bit of a tim fix to get you in a crafting christmassy mood. His blog is at timholtz.typepad.com I am waiting for the arrival of day 4.
On a very different subject we went and chose the most beautiful yellow Labrador puppy last night. He is coming to live with us in 4 weeks time. Now all we need to sort out is a name. Youngest daughter wants to call him Baxter, youngest son favours jaune whilst eldest son keeps emailing from France about our menagerie. Lens guy wants something short with hard consonants as this good for dogs. Me? I like Ben. No doubt there will be much discussion and negotiation in our household.

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