1 December 2010

Mixed media collages - if you can't see the wood for the trees

This has been a work in progress over a number of evenings but finally finished it today. I was thinking about my sister and the tough time she is having and the phrase (inspired by tunnel saying earlier) "if you can't see the wood for the trees ... chop them down" came to my mind. Not remotely eco friendly but sums up the predicament she is in just now. I think it also owes some of its inspiration to our current weather.
I began by inking the card and then using a dawn bibby mask roughly sketched on tree shapes and coloured them in with a sharpie. I then used a silver acrylic dabber to create more trees and another tree stamp in black and silver to build up feeling of trees. I had some twigs covered in white fluff from a flower arrangement and then I added them. I found a range of pictures in black and white in magazines and some birds from the graphic fairy website. I sewed on capiz shell discs (which had fallen off a light fitting) and added more images that sort of resembled cut logs. Finally I wrote out the saying, distress crackled and inked it and stuck it all together. It is a bit quirky and odd but I kind of like it.

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