31 July 2010

Making your own embellishments

I have been continuing my experiments to make my own embellishments. The first one is just a combination of a paper heart, a dictionary heart, ink and and a skeleton feather held together with a brad. Now I need to create a romantic lo. The second one was more fun to make although I am not sure where I will use it but I think I can use the technique again. I have some pics to show how to make the glitter embellishment. I think this could be used as a brooch or in card-making.
1. Take the cardboard waste from a ribbon holder and fill 1/3 full with pva glue.
2. Sprinkle in Martha Stewart vintage glitter beads (or others) to make a pattern.
3. Continue to add layers of beads to make design,
4. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours and then peel off cardboard round edge leaving base as bottom of embellishment.
5. The finished piece is about 4 mm thick.

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  1. Thanks for hopping by my blog, lovely to meet you. Absolutely love your embellishments, very clever, especially the one with beads so effective!!
    Will pop by again.