4 April 2010

A Few of my Favourite Objects

For the circle journal challenge my UK scrappers group (All new Lost Girls)  is undertaking I have to produce a 6x6 album on the theme of my Favourite Object (originally it was going to be place but that was already suggested). I decided to wander around the house and see what I could find. It is so hard to choose just one as so many items have stories connected to them or mean something very personal to me. Before those cold unfeeling robbers broke in and stole it my ipod classic would have been up there in my top three, alas no more. In some ways our bookworm designed by that genius Ron Arad says it all - fabulous shape and colour that form a decorative sculptural piece of wall art but also houses some of my extremely large and eclectic collection of books and cds. It combines three of my loves - design, books and music.
Then there is my growing collection of glass objects, all of which have been given as presents to me by the children, Lens Guy or other family members. My love of aqua, green and purple are gorgeously showcased with these.

Plus I love the contrast of that red against the turquoise - must use that in a layout soon.
Then there is the functionality of the ikea spoon holders contrasted with an old bottle made into a spoon holder and finally there is the delicate yet robust orchid that was a Christmas present from the in laws and is still thriving.
Which object would you choose and why?

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