3 April 2010

111 items on the page and using Lens Guy camera

I was responding to the sticker prompt and discovered I had managed to get 111 items on the page. Quite a feat on an acrylic page. As youngest daughter is in China on a school trip (luckiest child ever) and taken my super easy point and click compact with her I am using Lens Guy's work camera. The body and lens are so heavy I can hardly lift the thing. I could give you all the boring details about shutter speeds and stuff and lens type but basically it's a pro users cannon camera.  I enjoyed doing this layout as although I buy stickers I don't use them very often. I enjoyed randomly putting eyelets around photos and I used the mix of colours to try and tie in with the letters I had chosen. I had two small alphabets that had very different colour schemes and no letter As so decided the eyelets would work as an A. The pics below show what the page would like with my homemade dots paper behind - think that might happen. A pic of the back of the page - I really don't make life easy for myself, plus a pic of the edge of the album as it takes shape. I like how all the paper, ribbon and lace edges are beginning to work together.

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