1 April 2010

Yeah it's the holidays, inspiration hanger and it's been a while

Been so busy not even had time to craft or blog - have managed a nifty line in falling asleep watching tv - not a good idea when watching Lost, Damages or Flash Forward. I think I will need to try again. The pics are of what I call my inspiration hanger which is made from a wall mounted metal mug hook hanger and some large pegs and random pieces I stick onto it. The first shows fab cards by an artist called Gayle Robinson and chinese lanterns from chinatown in Vancouver which hung there until last week. The second is a selection of homemade papers I made using acrylic paints, stamps, transparencies and punches. The close up below shows experiments with Banana Frog's paisley pattern stamps.
   The holidays start here. Youngest daughter left at 5.30 a.m. for school trip and we have a week of peace. Oldest son is back from university but living in a house has made him a lot more domesticated. In fact both boys are here tonight - I can still hear the beavis n butthead murmurs downstairs. However they are being very good and coming out to lunch with their grandmother on Monday - perhaps because it is posh nosh in a restaurant?
I made it to prompt 5 with Shimelle's class and have laid out a rough lo on desk for next prompts and hope to start tomorrow. Not sure if Lens Guy would appreciate me spending whole day crafting but sure we can agree time for both of us and we do want to go and see "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". There is also the small matter of Season 3 box set of  "The Wire" to watch and... a circle journal to create for my group, the muddy slope to tame and... time to chill.
 "Mum what are you doing? Why are you blogging?"
Need to go...

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