14 March 2010

Gardening and the other side of Shimelle's acrylic pages

More of a productive day than I thought it would be today.
(1) The other side of Shimelle's pages. I managed to work out the correct size of paper etc to cover the other side of the front cover and luckily I still had some scrap flowers so was able to place these over the ones of front cover and disguise glue dots. In the spirit of the class I decided to use up a pile of blue gems and metal stars as the centre of the flowers and to hide glue dot on butterfly. The heading "Rules of Life"  was printed out from computer. I used the UK scrappers font of the week - Kilogram and then outlined the text in green pen to highlight more. I gave into my inner child and used a tea bag to turn the white printer paper into something  that matched the papers better. The second page is very simple and the journalling reads "Rule 1, Life is not a dress rehearsal". It is my favourite picture of my dad. The photo is at that angle because it is then hidden when the front cover is over that page. I decided I had to tear the photoedges as wel and then ran a blue pen along the edge which ran a little and I like that effect. There are no other embellishments on the page as the paper is so bright and dad was a no frills kind of person. The other side of that page is a page of journalling about my dad and how much I miss him, but also how I treasure all my memories of him and will always Celebrate my Life!
(2) On Friday I was lured by Lidl's cheap plant and bought three clematis - I have a weakness for all types of climbing plants that will cover the huge expanse of fencing - a snip at £3.59 each. Having purchased some compost Lens Guy and dug some holes and planted them. In other words he dug the holes and I planted the plants. Must be cheap plants as not one label telling what type of clematis they are. Going by the packaging pink, blue and and purple! We then  foolishly began to start picking up builder's rubble and stones. Three wheelbarrows later we had made little impression and our enthusiasm was waning... I have decided that as we can't afford to build a retaining wall at one side of garden to prevent neighbour's garden sliding into our garden the rocks will have to do.

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  1. Really like the strong colours in your layout, great. Looks like hard work, have fun. Anesha