16 March 2010

My first homemade gathered ribbon and the best laid plans

Above is my first gathered ribbon and yes I did iron it which made it much easier to make. I tried pinning it but the pleats would not stay and I pricked my fingers - should know that Shimelle's instructions would be easiest! Youngest daughter went to party on Saturday and I bought her a new dress and jacket for the occasion as I sensed that the outfit she had originally planned was not making her happy. The ribbon should compliment the ruffles on the dress but I sense I need to make more. I am so glad that I do not have to go through that awful 14-16 phase again. I did lol when we bought her outfit as I had a similar outfit in the 80's. I had a red ra-ra skirt and with my jacket I just rolled the sleeves up - they weren't artfully stitched. As I began reminiscing about where I had worn skirt she just rolled her eyes and gave me that pitying look that only teenage girls can give their mothers. If you want to know I seem to remember it featured heavily in my first year at Edinburgh Uni but was teamed with a blue tank top. Still think 80's fashion was pretty awful. Don't get me started on the come back of shoulder pads...! The photo of the shoes is because her big sister gave her these and she had been practicing her walk all week but came home with muddy shoes and aching feet and the comment that they had been outside most of time as boys were playing touch rugby. I had today off work so I was mentally planning a few LOs for the class and some quality time with Lens Guy but as usual the 'best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley' (if you ever have to teach "Of Mice and Men" that Burn's phrase will be seared in your memory, trust me). Unfortunately  mum was taken into hospital last night - she is going to be okay and will get home tomorrow but obviously I need to visit her this afternoon and evening so my precious time vanishing. Will have to work out how we get her home from hospital tomorrow when we both working...same old, same old.

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