5 February 2010

My favourite most recent reads, anyone else like these?

I think I should make a note to self to avoid posting when tired as it tends to be more negative. On the other hand to pretend we are all relentlessly cheerful is also wrong. Anyway one of the good things about being confined to the house is that I get to read lots and lots of books. I love reading and as a child I would read anything I could find which led to some eye opening reads. In fact I still do this and have been known to read cereal boxes and tattered magazines and posters when I have no other reading matter available. I usually have at least one book stashed in my handbag. "The Children's Book" was an unexpected book that worked on so many levels from family saga to fairy tales, an historical overview of Fabian Society, Women's Suffrage and the creation of the V&A and pots and much more. I don't think that gives justice to it but if you have the time read this. The cover artwork is beautiful and the Lalique dragonfly brooch is exquisite - I think someone needs to design some Art Nouveau inspired papers."Little Stranger" was scary and I did have to stop reading it late at night - it is very clever as it is all psychological and plays with your mind. Finally the last in the Millenium trilogy "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" - wow, this book is even better than the previous two and if you have not read any of this get "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" before Hollywood destroys it in the film version.
The one thing I would say about books is that what you read is such a personal choice. At University I read all the classics and it is only now many years later that I feel I can say that I don't like them all. I hate Hardy, love Austen and Shakespeare but would rather not have to read Milton or Larkin ever again.   As to forcing young people to read old fashioned, irrelevant texts that I found boring as a pupil ... if we want to encourage young people to pick up a book let it be enjoyable like HP, Twilight or something by Zephaniah. Let me know if you have read any of these or have any suggestions for me. TTFN.
 This is a pic of the packaging used to protect chocs that I have started to play with. What a contrast in colour, shape and texture.

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