4 February 2010

Visiting the Caravan and Camping Show, driving again, being patient

As soon as some people read that title I can imagine some mixed responses. She went where? Why?What I did not mention in my "Why I Scrapbook" mini is my other hobby that compliments the scrapping and the blogging...travelling in the UK and Europe in Louis Louis. I just ran out of time to create that page and feel over the coming months that this guy and our travels in him will become known to all who read this. I have yet to start scrapping our trip to Northern Spain in the summer and then there are the weekends away round the UK.
This pic was taken at a beautiful site at Dunvegan on Skye, the sun was going down and we were sipping wine and admiring the view. 
We went to the camping and caravan show and I was pleased with myself as I was able to drive there - my hip is getting stronger every day. After walking round for several hours and climbing up and down endless steps into vans I was tired and let Lens Guy drive me home. So tired in fact I fell asleep for several hours. I find this very worrying as the show was full of older retired couples using sticks to hobble about. I am sure if we went at the weekend there would be younger people like us. Did not see any outstanding new vans but there was a Nexxo van that is on our wishlist once younger daughter has left home and no longer travels with us. 
Now all I have to do is to get strong enough to drive twice as far to work every day and put in a full days work. I never thought that having my hip replaced would be so tough. I think that is because I was just so desperate to be pain free I ignored what was going to be done to get rid of the pain. 13 weeks on I can walk without crutches (bit of a limp) and if I concentrate can walk up and down stairs properly. I keep being told I have to be patient but that is not one of my virtues. 
I have been playing with the inside of chocolate box layers and hope to show experiments tomorrow. I have been peeling and pulling the stuff apart and then trying to print with it. 

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