27 February 2010

Kitchen Notice boards and the strange things they attract

Our Kitchen Notice board 8 December 2009 – What a Random Collection?
 We moved house on 10th December 2009 and one of the last things I did was pull off the contents of the two Ikea notice boards and throw them into a canvas bag. I was investigating the contents of that bag today as I knew it contained an assortment of stuff and thought I might find my missing diary in there. I didn’t find that but what I did find was the following…
 5 Russian Items
  • 100 rouble note
  • No smoking sign
  • A postcard of St Petersburg
  • Another “propaganda” style postcard
  • A brochure from the submarine restaurant in St Petersburg 
  • 6 Photographs
  • A photograph of my nephew from 2003
  • 3 successive photographs of my niece and nephew sent as a thank you for Christmas presents.
  • A photograph of my niece in primary one
  • A photograph of the sail of my dad’s boat taken on a trip to Knoydart.

5 Tickets
  • Concert at Glasgow Green with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Eminem and others
  • T in the Park 2004
  • T in the Park 2005
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Hampden 2008
  • A ticket to Alwnick Gardens in Northumberland

1 postcard from Milan
1 school computer drawing when youngest daughter was in primary school.

I was wondering what on earth this all means and I am struggling to make sense of it. I wonder if other people have such a collection of random items on their notice boards? Why not take a picture of your notice board and send me the link. I think it might suggest that I collect ephemera for scrapping without even consciously thinking about it. What does it say about me? I like to travel. I enjoy looking at photos of family members. I enjoy going to music concerts. I sometimes hold onto pictures created by my children. I must turn this into a scrapbook page – but there is so much stuff. Do I photograph each item? Create a double page LO collage or…


  1. Interesting collection of notice board items Looking at my notice board its also strange lol

  2. LOL what a collection - my board in my craftroom is a bit like that! Some photos and work from DD at school, plus some gems, instructions and my promarker colour chart!

  3. Have you seen Junque Journals??? They are fabulous projects for people who collect ephemera like this :) I love what you did with your noticeboard, but a Junque Journal would be another project idea!!! There are YouTube videos about them!!