1 March 2010

Monday mutterings, ethical dilemmas and forums

Musings would be a prettier title but after a long day I feel my brain can mutter a little but musing would just tax it too much. Driving to work was stunning as the snow was still on the hills and the sun was just rising and turning the fields and hills a shell like pink. The sky was a vivid blue with a few wispy clouds and the sheep huddled in a corner of the fields. The traffic slowed to a crawl, the snow disappeared as we drove down towards the city and it became a bit dark and dismal - but luckily I had seen that initial pretty view which sustained me as I didn't get the chance to look out a window again till it was time to slog home.

So what is the dilemma? Well I have been dipping my toe in the scrapping forums and have found out about a crop fairly near home and have been offered a lift there by a lovely lady. I had decided to go when I was reminded at work that I should be campaigning against government cuts in education at the rally in Glasgow this weekend (probably shouldn't say anymore as Big Brother may be monitoring...). I am not fit enough to walk the length of the rally but should at least show face.  But I also want to go to the crop. Worthy, cold rally that needs all the support it can get versus warm crop playing with paper and meeting new people?

Today's pic is a digital LO showing youngest daughter at Alnwick Gardens. Just looking at it makes me smile and I still remember her standing looking up at the top of the steel tube with a "Who cares, this can't be bad" expression and the next second screaming and becoming an excited little girl as the water shot up from under her feet. I will need to check what supplies I used but those who pay attention will notice that Peppermint creative heart makes another appearance but in its original form this time. I was pleased with the way the patchwork effect worked out and liked mixing pretty florals with more grungy papers.

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