14 October 2012

Art Journal - Dangerous Words

These pages are about the words and feelings I have been experiencing in the last few weeks.  Mum is still in hospital with more complications and infections but we did mark her month anniversary by getting her an ipad and that has made her life less boring. My life is one of those groundhog days of get up, work, visit hospital, home late and sleep. I now have a week's holiday for  half term which is good but we had to cancel our original holiday plans due to mum's hospital stay.  I was able to pass our week in holiday cottage onto good friends who are also having a bad time at the minute. I remind myself constantly that many people are much worse off than me and plaster a smile on my face.
These pages have been evolving in my very limited spare time. It began as an experiment with alcohol inks being thrown on the pages as I have had these for ages and very rarely use them. I also put some random letters on the pages using gesso and a stencil.
When I blotted the page I turned the letters into a splodge and the page sat waiting forlornly, for days, for more input. The other evening grabbed some white and black posca pens and began to doodle everywhere. I then found a stamp a little like an art noveau shape and scattered this on the pages. 
As the page was very uneven due to gesso and ink layers it was not a flat surface for stamping. I have a lot of feelings about my current circumstances but did not want to vent too much on the page so resorted to my dictionaries and tore out words and meanings I was feeling and experiencing. I swiped these with distress stains and added these to the pages and outlined and circled the words.
Looking at the words I thought they were quite suggestive and added "Dangerous Words".
In between hospital visits (and the endless telephone conversations that you seem to have afterwards to keep family and friends up to date) I am planning some sewing and journalling and maybe even some more blogging. But don't hold me to that as life recently has had the habit of disrupting any plans I make.


  1. I can sympathise - I know how tiring it can be just dealing with it all. I used to let the answerphone kick in and answer at my own pace, which helped. I should think splatting alchohol inks on the page probably helped relieve the tension, albeit only briefly. A great journal spread has come out of it.

  2. This looks like a good creative tension-reliever, I hope you managed to have a little fun in making it. Hope your mum starts to improve soon.

  3. Fantastic pages! I hope making them helped you cope.

    I might have a go at something like this, so I can scream at the dangerous drivers on paper, as I am not allowed to scream at them for real.

  4. Sorry to hear about your mum. Dangerous words indeed but fabulous colourful pages.

  5. It looks like you've had a great time destressing with this page.Hope your mum's improving.

  6. I am so, so sorry about your tough time. I am glad you are getting a bit of therapy with a few minutes craft time and your pages look lovely,

    Lucy x