24 September 2012

Never mind the quilt what about the scenery?

My sister came up this weekend which gave Lens Guy and me the chance to slip away to our favourite beach whilst my sister took over hospital visiting. After 7 weeks of hospitals etc it was great to escape and turn off the phones. I finally finished sewing the binding on my quilt and took it to the beach to photograph. (Please excuse the many photographs but I think the beach and scenery are stunning).
As this was the first quilt I started it became a trial quilt for the later granny square quilt I made for my niece as I tried to "perfect" techniques (long way to go still) and was abandoned as I had a birthday deadline to meet.
The quilting is very wonky as I was trying it for the first time and some squares are not perfect as I have yet to master the perfect 1/4 inch seam. That being said I do like this quilt as I feel a huge sense of achievement just making it.
Lens Guy did a great job occupying Jaspar whilst I threw the quilt over sand and rocks.
Yes the sand really is that white.
Every time I walk down these steps I feel I have reached my own piece of heaven.
This is the view from the top of the steps out to Rhum and Eigg. This beach is beside Camusdarach beach, North West Scotland.


  1. That's one beautiful quilt....

  2. Love the quilt and it looks so good against the beach scenery.It's gorgeous.

  3. Great quilt and fab scenic setting for it!

  4. Stunning - both the quilt ans the scenery!

  5. Lovely quilt and scenery. What a great idea to photograph the quilt on the beach.

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous, and what a fabulous beach. Hope everything goes well with your Mum x

  7. Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous scenery. Glad you had a break,

    Lucy x

  8. I was wondering which part of Scotland you were in and now I know you're over on the west. My daughter lives in St Andrew's so absolutely the opposite side. That beach is stunning and perfect for photographing your gorgeous quilt :D - Chris