18 April 2012

Sewing Butterflies and dipping my toe into quilting

This is a new post as it is a slightly different type of craftiness from journalling. A while ago I spent many evenings making little felt birds in the evening and you can see the first one here and  more here. I wanted to explore felt creatures further and as butterflies are everywhere just now I decided to try my hand at one. This is my prototype. I drew half a butterfly in my notebook and then traced this half onto white card, folded it in half and drew the other side. This was to make it symmetrical but I forgot to take into account my inability to do anything in a straight neat way. I then made three card templates and cut out two bodies, and two of each wing shape. I pinned the wings inside the body, backstitched around and stuffed it before closing at the top.
I was trying out ways to photograph this but think I prefer the one at the top. I then added more bits of felt with applique and messy stitches and some buttons. I strung some beads onto thread to make feelers but would do this on wire next time. The underside mirrors the front (minus eyes) and meant I tried to be tidy on both sides. In the picture at the top the butterfly is attached to a hair slide but I think this would work as brooch or as embellishment or in a mobile which is what I have in my head at the moment and why I spent time on the underside.
Can you guess what craft I want to try next? Don't you just love the colours and the material - it is even more lush than a paper stash? My mother in law has been quilting for a few years and has now enticed  my sister in law and me into giving it a go. I am going to make a quilt from a Jelly Roll and then one from my pile of old shirts. My big concern is my problem with straight lines but I am awaiting a rotary cutter and ruler as I think these will be essential tools for me (the material seemed to fall into my online basket whilst I was researching rulers...) At least that is the plan but so far I have spent weeks reading fabulous Modern Quilt blogs and trying to decide what block and style to create. I think it will be Granny Squares but then again... If you are interested in quilts (or just the amazing colours) I suggest you follow this link to the Modern Quilt Guild as this page has links to lots of beautiful quilts. Thinking about quilts made me think about paper piecing scrap pages and journal pages and so it goes on.


  1. Oh these are lovely. They would make a great mobile.

  2. Your butterfly is lovely - I've always been a sucker for blue. LOL
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  3. Wow, how clever are you!, you butterfly is amazing, and it must feel wonderful. I love those shades of blue and purple, and the beeds are the perfect finishing touch x