6 September 2011

Art Journal

Just caught up again with the prompts on UK Stampers. The prompt was family sayings and the phrase "Willy Nilly" came from my eldest son as a small child and it has stuck around in family lore. Sayings are odd and can be misunderstood by small children. Many years ago Lens Guy was giving eldest daughter a lecture and warned her to "pull her socks up". She burst into tears wailing, "but I'm not wearing any socks". Eldest son, many years ago, was looking fore something to eat and had been told he could not have anything as dinner was going to be soon, he persisted and Lens Guy told him "You're on to Plums" Yup you guessed it, he retorted "But there aren't any." I uses Dylusions inks and my new Dylusions stamp Dependable Dotty with a different head and tried masking the skulls to create a bunch at the bottom. They don't have anything to do with plums, socks or... but I like them. The stripey effect came from the comb applicator for my hair dye - new it could be useful.

The second one was Dreams. I only ever remember my bad dreams but would love to remember the good ones. When Dad and my brother died I dreamt about them all the time but now 6 and 3 years on when I would like to remember them in dreams - nothing happens. This page went through many layers as it went wrong many times. I began with gesso and writing Dreams in gesso and then beging to spray with Dylusions inks. Stamping with masks and paints - not effect I had in my head and then because I don't have what I need to mout my lovely Lady Audrey Octopode stamp it all went wrong...
Out came the white Dylusions paint and the mess became clouds and I stamped Lady Audrey onto paper and then glued to page and tried to blend her in. It sort of works now but was not what I had in mind at all.

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