25 July 2011

Trying to catch up with my art journal challenge - Random

As well as not blogging I had stopped crafting so last week I decided to get work catching up on the prompts from UK Stampers. I have missed 8 prompts but managed three so far and I am planning a day of craftiness tomorrow even if the sun is shining again. Five Random facts about me include the facts I love live rock music, colour, am unitidy, love the Wire and one you may not know...since my hip replacement 18 months ago I have grown two centimetres. Unlike others who may shrink in later life I have started growing in my 40's.
This one did not turn out how I imagined as I was using random scraps of paper left over from an ATC Swap and thought gluing them on with Mod Podge was a good idea. If you have ever tried to stamp onto a shiny slippy surface you will understand my problem. I like the crinkly effect on the page but the stamps and paint did not take too well but that is what I enjoy about this process.

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