10 April 2011

Lens Guy Photo week 2

This is the second of Lens Guy's photos of the week. This work is a little different from his normal work but still captures what he does. These limited edition prints are part of a new promotional series and there is just one in each edition. To find out more check out his facebook page. For those of you not from Scotland Irn Bru is "made from girders" and is a very sweet fizzy drink that is bright orange. Some claim it is the other national drink - not me - but if you like sweet fizzy drinks give it a try. He has been taking these photos using an iphone and an app called Camera + which allows you to process and add details to photo. He finds it really hard to do as he does love all his lens and gadgets and metres. For all you scrap bookers out there I think this is worth a try but I am going to stick to the Hipstamatic app as I love the retro feel of the photos and the very random effects.


  1. A great pic, off to read his FB page

  2. Always enjoyed a can of the Bru great snap interesting you can get such a good picture with an iphone how things have improved. XOXO Zoe

  3. What a great pic. Love those B&W's. Will have to check him out. Angela