4 April 2011

Art journal - Superstitious?

Efemera at UKStampers challenged us to journal about our superstitions and use a charm on the page. My first reaction was I'm not... but then I remembered umbrellas and how I have a thing about not opening them inside.
I do knock on wood occasionally and cross my fingers. Why I really don't know. I did wear green to my wedding with Lens Guy and 17 years later we still together. I do avoid walking under ladders but that is surely common sense?
My charm was created from old pieces of broken jewellery and a heart button. I thought it looked suitably talismanic and could ward off evil? 
I used TH mini umbrella man and the umbrella parts from Dylusions Ruby Rainbow. I even created a mask for the umbrella top which was much easier than I thought it would be. I then used the mask to cover the umbrella stamp when adding another layer of ink. The original background was created using mask pieces from the TH set.


  1. Another great page. Love the embellishments as well. Your pages are always so interesting.
    Regards Florence.

  2. A great page - love the colours. It's funny how a prompt can make us think of something ie: you and the umbrella!

  3. What a fantastic page you certainly have an eye for colour. Live the umbrella man !