26 March 2011

Scrapping feverishly and secretly

I decided to have a go at the Scrap Factor Hybrid contest on UK Scrappers as a way of getting some more scrapping LOs done. I harbour no illusions about winning or getting through the audition stage but have enjoyed challenging myself to do these and that is what it is all about - having fun and playing with stuff. I have been busy scrapping, stamping, inking and tweaking computer images. I can't post the three completed LOs in full but thought I would give a few sneak peaks. I still have two to finish and a weekend filled with friends and my mother so not sure when they will be done. The deadline is friday. I have enjoyed putting my head on various stamps and all will become clear when you see the LO but one of the reasons is that I don't have many photos of me as I usually edit them out in horror at how chunky I am these days... and then reach for another biscuit. I have noticed that my work on art journals is having an influence on my scrapping work.

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