1 March 2011

Meltdown and just man up mum

Going into total meltdown. Eldest daughter has fab job with 2 year contract in Singapore and left today. Family laughs, snot and tears last night until late. Work very bad day. Lots of people coming to house on Saturday for 21 party and I've done nothing! Think am in denial as want to create stuff and avoid dealing with stuff but as youngest daughter told me "you need to man up mum!"
Glancing down at my body I'm not sure I want to. On a day that the EU has brought in ridiculous equal rights insurance laws I am going to shout and scream and be happy to be a woman. Where do these ridiculous sayings come from. Am I supposed to find the nearest man and somehow use him as a weapon, change identity or just ignore the fact I'm a mum and at times a little hormonally challenged?

1 comment:

  1. I thought I would call in and see what you are up to. Oh blimey!! Hope everything has settled down now. Loving the pages.
    Regards Florence.