14 February 2011

Valentine - Wrapped heart winging its way to Lens Guy

Forgot to post the ribbon tied photo but felt had to wait until Lens Guy received it. We are off to see "True Grit" tonight with DD for a small family night out. I did tell you we don't do Valentines. I am romantic but I hate being told to be romantic and being charged lots more money for the privilege. The only exception was in New York for my 40th (late birthday present) when we treated ourselves to huge lush strawberries dipped in dark chocolate but couldn't get up the Empire State Building due to the number of weddings. 
I am looking forward to the film as I remember watching the original with my dad - he was a big Western and John Wayne film. I also love Cohen Brothers films so big expectations for the evening and as I've walked he dog twice today I think cinema sweets are allowed.


  1. Magic, did you see the piece in cloth paper Scissors? CPS or not the result is fabulous. XOXO Zoe

  2. Looks great tied up with ribbon! Hope you enjoy the film this evening!