4 February 2011

Going Cropping and birthday plans

I am off to my Crop tomorrow, although youngest daughter still insists I belong to a sinister cult called "The Crop". It will be fun catching up with all the crew and eating chocolate and gossiping and possibly crafting. I am planning to start a  8 x 8 book on our trip to Port Logan and in preparation spent a couple of hours painting and inking papers. I need to make a start on my Paris trip but at present I have a very complicated idea in my head and think it needs to start out as a digital  project that I will print out cut and alter.

My eldest son will be 21 in a 4 weeks and will be coming back from France for his birthday before heading off to Argentina for 6 months (students!). I was thinking about creating a scrapbook for him and was laughing at a very chubby photo of him aged one compared to the skinny poser aged 20.

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