22 January 2011

Art Journal School Days

Catching up with art journal challenge week 3. We were challenged to use lined paper, list 10 things about school and have some ink blots. I did not like school much but I still remembered a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.
DI then watercolour, alcohol ink spots and salt for a weathered feel on the background

Stamped TH Haunted mansion on actetate and coloured with alcohol inks

After the salt

Lists and details

The doodled circles were because I was thinking of the disgusting tapioca

Old bookplate

Tapioca frog spawn and ink splodges


  1. Great page you found a wonderful series of ways of epressing your memories love the crow LOL
    XOXO Zoe

  2. Thank you, the crow is also tim holtz. I think I could start collecting creepy bird stamps

  3. Thanks for the tip about acrylic paint at Lidls sadly I dont have one near ....but I will keep my eyes open in case we visit somewhere that does!! Love the details on the page...the tapioca/spawn really adds to the feeling... I kinda got the feeling school wasn't your favourite thing!!
    Oh dear I must be old... our break time milk came in little bottles...and I loved it.