21 October 2010

Not just paper adventures

In the last few weeks I have been creating a lot of dig Los and no hybrid or paper. One of the reasons is that by the time I get in from work etc it is now dark in Scotland and I find it hard to see paper colours accurately. Was having withdrawal symptoms so tonight started a paper lo of mum and dads wedding. I had planned on using a range of pink papers but the black and White photos sucked the colour out of the pink. Plan 2 involves purples, lace punches and ample amounts of silver glimmer mists. My fingers are now inky and the midnight silver mist has got under my fingernails and won't come off. I love this messy stuff! No pics tonight as light so poor but maybe tomorrow. Lens guy is in the bath and singing (or wailing) along to faith no more, gotta love him. Feeling bit flat as DD in Paris and won't see him again till Christmas. Dreading next week at work as we got the inspectors in, am trying to finish mum's album and organise surprise party for 30th and it's Lens guy's birthday on Halloween...no shopping done yet.

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