19 July 2010

Sneaky peak at Mad Men Circle Journal

I am very proud of this little tag. There were blank dress cards to be decorated and when I read the instructions and explanations I just had to make one with a real lace petticoat. Then I spied the Martha Stewart glass beads which have been languishing on my shelves since I splurged on them months ago - they are pretty though.  I choose advertising as my theme as I love the style and graphics of the late 50's and early 60's, plus I have the added interest of mum as model then. I found the old advertisements and then used scrapping software to create a montage and fake red zigzag stitching. When I first printed it out it the colours were not bright enough so I printed an additional copy onto acetate and then sewed the two pieces together using blanked stitching.
 That was okay on the straight sections but I could not figure out how to make it go round a corner - I do like the mix of elements. I also created a tag for journaling that slots behind the acetate sections.  It did not print out that well so I distressed it using a wash of watercolour paints and then trimmed it with ribbons. The other page will have to wait until the journal returns to its owner.

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