11 June 2010

Circle Journal lo using hybrid pieces a little tutorial and circle thing

Last night I was working on my flowers circle journal for my uk scrappers group. We had been discussing hybrid layouts and I decided this would be a perfect project. I used paper and elements from these two kits.
Once I had chosen elements I wanted I printed them out. The tag is created digitially using three pieces from the kits. I then inked the edges, folded and distressed the pieces. It was at this point I decided I wanted to use many flower photos on the layout but make them interactive...
I remembered picture viewers as a child that you moved around to make different pics with and decided to have a go. I started using a cd, scrap paper and paper clips and a lot of improvisations.
Once I worked out the basic structure and placement of photos I used a cardboard template to cut out flower pics and began to assemble. That pic will come in next post. This was a messy job and my desk got a little guddly... You might be able to spot parts of cj on desk but I will post them up later.

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  1. Sally that looks interesting, can't wait till that CJ works its way round to me

    Suzy x