4 June 2010

Cautionary tale - don't garden in fit flops or you will regret it...

As it was another sunny day I rushed home from work donned shorts, t shirt and fit flops and headed into garden (muddy slope) to tackle more digging and weeding. Ironic isn't it? We don't have proper flower beds or anything but we do have a plethora of weeds. Lens Guy was at front of house,  water and rot proofing 30 metres of railway sleepers ( new not old) so I decided to tackle some of the weeds. I was most impressed with my efforts and was attacking the rock hard ground (what you get when it doesn't rain and your garden is made up of clay and large sandstone rocks and builder's rubble) with enthusiasm and a garden fork. Disaster struck - quite literally. I dug into my big toe with the fork, accidentally, of course. At first I was so shocked I couldn't believe it and then as I looked down at the gushing red blood I realised I had speared my big toe with the fork. I shouted for Lens Guy but as he was at front of house with some loud metal music blasting out he was oblivious to my feeble cries. I hobbled to back door and found roll of kitchen roll which I liberally applied to toe trying not to bleed too much on floor. Needless to say Lens Guy came to rescue and here I am, several hours later, sitting with toe up, heavily bandaged and in quite a lot of pain. Had plans to go to crop tomorrow but as in pain, and can't get shoes on over bandage, will be at home. I feel I should be starring in some "Tom and Jerry" style cartoon as the whole incident was totally stupid and the toe bandage is like an over the top cartoon bandage and I can almost visualise the throbbing pain symbols. I don't think I should be allowed near pointy sharp tools without the correct footwear. I really am pretty rubbish at all this stuff - it took me about two hours on Thursday to bang 20 panel pins into the wooden fence. I was such a girl - missing the nail, tapping and swinging wildly. I did do it though and then I tied bits of green strings to nails and hopefully my woefully small supermarket cheapo climber plants will do the business. I did manage to plant some Iris and Lilies that I have nurtured from bulbs and tiny plugs into garden today prior to spearing incident and I also put in some sunflowers and sweet peas I grew from seeds. I will take pics tomorrow as my hobbling meant I couldn't make it to top of slope to take pics.

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