12 March 2010

Want to spend time on second prompt but other obligations...Rules of life

All day I have been wanting to work on the second prompt for the class but had other things to do. Making two mother's day cards for starters (nothing like leaving it to the last minute). I did eventually get them made but my mind was on other things. The idea of using scraps or little bits and pieces was bouncing round my head so one card had lots of flowers punched out of scraps. I used my Martha Stewart flower punch and then I discovered all the little circles inside my hole punch...
You can see the card is still working that metal theme - I still had lots of brads scattered over my desk. Across the way is a peek at part of my page for second prompt but it is not finished yet. You can see a very random scrap flower which was a leftover from the bunting idea at page border.I have decided that each page is going to follow the "Rules of life". Rule 2 is Keep calm and carry on no matter what life throws at you. Rule 1 comes from my Dad. He told me this many times before he died. "Remember life is not a dress rehearsal, live every minute like you mean it." I still try and do that xxx

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