18 May 2014

Cutting Scraps and a winner

The mini I am giving away.

We moved to this house last summer to be nearer to my mother who needed more support. We now live in a small village in the Scottish Trossachs about 45 mins from Glasgow but near to Stirling and some of the most beautiful walks and scenery. I was always a city girl and even 10 years ago I would have rolled my eyes in horror about living in the country, but life changes and we adapt. I love living here now and it suits Lensguy, my other half, who is a professional landscape photographer.
This is the view from behind our house.

We moved to a smaller house with a different layout and I had to give up my dedicated craft room (which I loved). I now share a space with my other half and son called the Annexe (office/den/craft room/guest space). This is basically a granny flat in what was once a garage. It has a small ensuite bedroom which is great for guests and a living/kitchen area which is used as LensGuy's office, my craft space and middle son's place to watch TV and films in peace away from us. We have still not really got to grips with this space and I tend to use the kitchen area to sew. I presently sew standing up following back surgery a few months ago and although I can no sit there is not really a space to do. Partly because the dining table is full of seedlings and plants waiting to be planted into the garden. Our son, aged 23, had moved out to go to Uni, but returned 20 months ago as he could not afford to live in rented accommodation. He is an outdoor education coach who teaches sailing and windsurfing in the summer and works part time in a further education college in their gym. He is one of many on a temporary part time contract and until he has a permanent full time contract he is stuck in the country with us when he would much rather be living in Glasgow.
A rainbow of scraps sorted and cut into squares, triangles and strips.

I keep trying to find a way to create a space that works but struggle with it as it has to work in so many ways. To help make it look less messy I spent the last two days colour coding my scraps and cutting them into squares, triangles and strings. I placed these in colour coded freezer bags inside a wicker basket which sits behind a couch with my very old sewing box on top. I will be working on more storage plans over the next while and will keep you posted.
I was given my wooden sewing box as a 21st present which was a while ago, some might even call it vintage.

Anyway the bit people really want to know is who won the mini? I used random org and out of 102 comments it was comment 64 by Julie Glotova in Croatia. I loved hearing about what crafts everyone does and where people come from - all over the world I discovered. Julie I have sent you an email asking for your address and once I have that I will post your parcel.

Here is a last photo of Jaspar who is waiting to go for a walk and is a little fed up that I am still sitting here typing on my iPad.


  1. Congratulations to Julie G!
    You have a beautiful view - what a wonderful place for photography!


  2. I have a view similar to yours. It Is a change to move out to the country. I hope your back continues to get better and you find much needed space to create!

  3. I hope the surgery went well and you are recuperating. We have our house on the market so I am constantly trying to tidy up my projects, stash and scraps. They are in towers of plastic boxes in the utility room. It means a huge search when I want something for a project. Once we move I WILL have a dedicated sewing space.

  4. I love those Rose Stars! This must be my next project.