13 April 2013

Missing for a while

Blocks for Scrappy Trip finished and now it needs a border as not quite wide enough but I don't have enough material
for 6 more blocks, finished block size is 14 inches a 7 x 7 squares.

Yes I've been away and my explanation plus some suitably random photographs follows.
It's been ages since I last blogged and really it is just because work and family seem to have taken up all my time. For those of you who pop in from time to time the main reason has been mum. Following last year's falls, hip replacement, infection and removal of hip mum went back to hospital in the beginning of March  after 20 weeks with no hip. All was well for a week and then unfortunately she fell in hospital, as her care was not what it should have been, and fractured her femur in the same leg as hip replacement. And now... I don't really know apart from fact she will never walk properly without a zimmer and the next few months are crucial if she is ever to get home and be independent again. I am someone who likes to be in control of their life and it just ain't happening. We are currently trying to get our house ready for sale as whatever happens we need to be nearer than a hour's drive away as I am exhausted with work, hospital visits etc and then a long drive and several times have found myself on the motorway several junctions down from where I should be and not really sure how it happened and that is scary.

I have not had much time to sew or journal but have finished my trip along blocks and now creating a border and I have made some cushions. As I do not have enough material (or the money to buy more) I am thinking of a border along these lines...
The cushions are part of the tidying the house up project
 Envelope backs as not tried zips yet and needed to use walking foot to sew this heavy chenille material.

Luckily I have a wonderful sister who lives at the other end of the country and she came up this week to let me get away for a 5 day break. I brought no craft things and have slept and read and am now ready to go back to work and battle with hospitals etc. I have decided I need to find time to craft and blog as it allows me to escape into my own world.

Fingers crossed I will be back blogging and sewing and thank you to those people that emailed and asked if all was well. It could be a whole lot worse and I am sure life will resolve into new patterns.

What else happened?

In March Lens Guy and I went to Oxford for our oldest son's graduation and this is a very rare photo of us and in smart clothes too.

Doing the proud mother thing.

It was our youngest daughter's birthday this month and she has always complained that because I was working when she was growing up she never got homemade cakes unlike her older siblings who had me at home some of the time. Usual family guilt trip so I decided to make her a cake without any of the proper moulds. It tasted lovely but oldest sone said it looked rude. Can't imagine what he meant.

The houses in my Sibling's Together Quilt I am making through Bee in a Bonnet QAL but I am way behind.
Apologies for long and random posting but was trying to catch up on recent events.

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