20 January 2013

Strip along a wrong...I can't count

Corrected block, spot the error below. I've just edited this page and I didn't spot this error with photos - time to rest I think...
I had planned to go to the EK crop and scrap this weekend but I have injured my back and can't sit so standing and sewing was the option for short periods. The scrappy stripalong has been an instagram and blog craze since start of year and I just had to give it a go using this  tutorial. The tutorial is very easy to follow, personally I blame the super strong painkillers and my inability to count... Once I worked out I had used 7 strips of material (instead of 6) I realised I could add another  set of squares to create a 14 inch block. Now I can't decided whether to revert to the original 6 square block or work out the maths for a 7 square block which I think is 20 or 21 inches not 16 inches. I am an English teacher and Maths especially fractions and inches (being metric here) cause me untold confusion.
Should I keep this for the back and revert to 6 squares or keep going at 7 squares?

I also completed another two rows in the Bee in My Bonnet Row A Long. I had completed first four rows and then fell behind so again with Maths not being my strong point I completed row 9 Twinkly stars and Row 6 Cups of Cocoa and this has nothing to do with the fact that the flying geese row looks too hard.

Again these are easy to follow tutorials with lots of photos and helpful tips. I am planning to donate my Bee A Long quilt to Siblings Together and possibly the scrappy trip along too. Please go and follow the link to find out about this charity as I think it is a great idea and if you don't quilt perhaps you knit. 
Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Hey, Sally. I've never done any scrappy stripping, sew I'm not sure, but can't you un-sew the seventh row and stick with your original plan? I hate it when something like that happens.