12 January 2013

Cushions and back to journalling

I made these 3 cushions as part of eldest son's Christmas and did show a picture of them in his flat. I had to take a picture of these on Christmas Eve at night as I did not finish them until them. I used a scrappy log cabin for two and the fabulous retro fabric for the middle one. Of course I forgot to keep a note of the fabrics but I did buy them from Beyond-fabrics.co.uk. One of the text prints has instructions on how to iron which I chose as the back for one of the cushions so he could follow instructions to iron shirts.
I quilted the scrappy logs with diagonal lines

I used a simple envelope back as I've not tried zips yet.
I began journalling again and feel great. I'm not sure if it was having time to myself for the first time in weeks, getting my feelings on paper or just playing but whatever combination of these... it worked. I found myself dancing around the kitchen to the Foo Fighters while cooking and was interrupted by youngest daughter coming into the room looking horrified and asking me to turn the music down. Jumping around to music is fun though. Here's the background before I added anything else. I need to wait for daylight to show you the finished page.
 Lots of texture, paint, ink and layers of pages.
 The photo below shows some christmas ribbon I found and painted and inked and added to the page. Love that texture.
Thanks for coming by.


  1. What brilliant cushions Sally, I love that retro print. I doubt that the ironing instructions will be put to use though lol. I can't wait to see how your inkyness turns out xx

  2. Love your beautiful cushions, Sally!