10 June 2012

Obsessive crafting tendencies

First off I know I've not been around much in the last two months. It's a combination of work and blues - with the blues caused by work. As a teacher I expect to get some grief as teenagers are a bundle of hormones. However a little while ago I was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a pupil I don't teach. Wrong place, wrong time. I always thought I was strong but this flattened me and it took me awhile to actually admit how badly it affected me and deal with the stress. I'm better now and getting back to crafting. Which brings me to the title of this post. I seem to suffer from obsessive crafting - I find something I enjoy and get totally hooked. At the moment it's quilting and I am now immersed in fabrics. Does anyone else suffer from obsessive craft tendencies?

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  1. Sorry to hear something so horrible has happened to you. I can imagine how all consuming it is, when my daughter died quite frankly i wanted to stop breathing but somehow my body overruled me and it just kept going, I never expected "hope" to enter back into my life but gradually it did and life does have happiness and meaning again. I truly hope your bad experience will become just a moment in your history..
    ...and the answer to your question....YES....I have jewellery making calling to me at the moment, but I am trying not to listen and I still love my paper crafting so there are just not enought hours in the day!!!!!!!!
    P.s.....have bought all the jewellery making stuff just in case tho :0)