5 February 2012

To Boldly Go .. towards my art journal style

If you are following the UKS Art Journey here you will realise that I have deviated from the prompt and will never create pages like Julie Kirk from Notes on Pages. But that is fine as art journalling is about an individual expressing emotions, playing around with art mediums, having fun and as many more definitions as slices in a white pan loaf.  I began this page meaning to try and follow the prompt and I had a selection of words ready to go. I was going to have a relatively clean and simple page to showcase the words... well that was the plan when I randomly stamped worn lipstick, spiced marmalade and red berries distress ink on the page.

In case you're wondering the bulldog clip helps keep the pages flat and the copy paper under the pages protects my other pages from all the mess I create. At this point I was thinking try and create a more graphic page rather than the usual flowing mess but as you can see below it did not go to plan.

Blurry words, late at night. They read Boldly go through the thin air to destiny. What you ask? I picked these because they reflect something I am going through at the moment. But after sticking them down I didn't like it all... so I covered the entire page with gesso. As I used gesso and distress inks which are water soluable there was a great deal of mixing. 

What is the dead rose got to do with my page? It had been in a birthday gift of flowers and I was removing the dead flowers I noticed the colours and wrinkles in this and had to photograph it and I decided I wanted a pink, orangey, purplish page.

Bt adding dylusions orange and hot pink to sections of the page I began to build up layers. I used some square pieces of plastic to create grids. The grids are faint but you can see them.

 The next day I stamped the Dina Wakely stamp and thought about adding the words Just dandy but I didn't feel just dandy. Next I drew wavy lines across the page and doodled around the lines in white and black. Didn't take photos of this step. My journalling is about the fact I'm fed up with my job and need to do something about it. I am, and that is what I write about in more detail, but its scary and it is like stepping through thin air to my rather tongue in cheek destiny.
Once the journalling was added I doodled some shapes and stamped a Lost and Found dress form on both pages and a bunting stamp around the page. At times the bunting is uneven as the page ripples. I had already added some white lines to mimic the lines in the dina stamp. I coloured the words using a paintbrush and dylusions pink and orange and then just randomly swirled all over the page with the brush.

This is a huge step from the original prompt but it is me and I think I am finding my  style in this journey. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I think this page is fabulous!I love the way that you started out with a fixed idea and ended up with something so different.Love it!I'll be getting that Dina Wakely stamp too-it's fab!

  2. Love your page and the way you used the Rose for inspiration.

  3. Great page, love the development from the original idea!

  4. Fabulous journalling - love the colours

  5. Lovely page, fantastic colours.
    C xx

  6. The thought of changing jobs is always scary. Great that your page developed so well into something totally different.

  7. Well I don't think you veered from my original prompt at all! It was always just a method to get the journaling/words/phrases to come and find *you*. And they have. Those are the words you used. How you present those words is personal to you, so I think you've done a great job with the prompt.

    Julie :-)