19 February 2012

Experimenting with image transfers

I have spent most of today trying out different methods of image transfer. I set the monthly challenge on UK Stampers to use an image transfer and your stamps in a different way to make a piece of art. I am well and truly "Hoisted by my own petard" as I am really struggling with this challenge. I have watched numerous You Tube videos and read various articles about how to transfer images but when I have tried to do I have this I have had very mixed results and have not completed my piece for the challenge yet.
Experiment 1 - used Pearl Adirondack paint and a page from a magazine. The bird and speech bubble are Mr Word Bird and come from Hannah Banana here. I liked this idea and was going to join in. After waiting for paint to dry and rubbing of the paper I was left with the bubble looking interesting but patchy. The same applied to the bird so I decided to add another layer to the bird.

 The bird looked interesting and for some reason I decided to coat it with a thin layer of glossy accents which went okay...

 I then stamped the Paper Artsy flower on the bird and embossed it with TH embossing powder and stamped eyes from Dylusions. I quite like this and just need to decide how to use Mr Word Bird.

Experiment 2 - Used my ink jet printer and a non printer transparency. All you had to do was take the wet transparency and press all over the page - in my case a journal page. This came out okay and I think would work well for photos of landscapes. I then swiped a little bit of pearl dabber onto it as it looked a little like an old print.

Experiment 3 - was a real out there try as I did not have any gel medium but wondered if gesso would work. I put a thickish layer of gesso on page and then a photo face down. This was one I had printed out - but I did peel off the back of the photo before sticking it down . I like this effect too and am experimenting with some more photos using this technique. I find this all quite frustrating as I have to wait for things to dry...

 Experiment 4 - mod podge, canvas and magazine page did not work at all and I ended up cross and messy.
If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear about them.


  1. I admit I tend to stick with the transparency or waxed paper method - anything else is too messy/hit and miss.

  2. Drying time is probably the reason I don't play with image transfer very often! I've had best results when transferring to something with some texture (fabric or canvas-textured photo paper for example), using gel medium and soaking off the paper pulp from the original piece. Your experiments look like fun, looking forward to seeing Mr Word Bird appear on a finished project!

  3. you have got some interesting results from your experiments. I too have struggled with transfers and have not found a fail safe way yet and I got sick of getting it wrong and wasting lots of time, effort and product. I did use golden medium with inkjet printable acetate once which came out ok.

  4. For small images I have used clear parcel tape and inkjet images, burnish well them soak in water and rub top layer of paper off. I have just bought some gel medium to try.....

  5. Love the effects of image transfer but I too have mixed results (but actually quite liked some of my "mistakes") I have tried wintergreen oil with laser printed images and that worked quite well.....but the smell lingered in the house for days!!!!not the most attractive smell! I know there is a brand of orange based cleaner sold in the states that is supposed to work well so I thought I would try orange oil next (should at least smell better and my family happier!!!).
    Thanks for sharing y our results