21 December 2011

Where does the time go - flies by perhaps?

This month has vanished in a flurry of stuff but I am just not sure where all my time went... anyone else feel like that? I finish for the holidays tomorrow and I can't wait. We took a group of pupils to see Hansel and Gretel today and I am beginning to feel a little festive but I am usually full of Christmas spirit at this time of year but the bottle of spirit seems to be empty. The tree is now up and I have posted some presents and perhaps when I finish tomorrow the spirit of fun and freedom will creep up on me. Aprat from working and making Christmas cards I have not been very inky. I made a batch of felt birds and created a hanging for my niece and experimented with envelope fold cushions from my son's old Tshirts (I found the tutorial for this on Joanne Wardle's blog here). These are versions of birds I have made before with slightly different decorations and colours of felt.
I sewed them onto velvet ribbons and added bells from an unwanted Christmas decoration and then then added these to more ribbon. It was originally going to hang vertically but I realised my niece had low ceilings in her room and it would be better hanging horizontally.
It was late and dark and I needed to post the birds when I took this picture but you get the idea.
The envelope fold cushions from old Tshirts are so simple even a novice like me can make them. I have a pile of old Tshirts the boys were throwing out so am going to make some more. I plan to embroider the bottom one to make it a bit more funky.


  1. I love those little birdies. What a great way to recycle old T shirts

  2. Hi Sally. Love the birds. They look fab hanging all together. The t-shirt cushions are great makes. Have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
    Regards Florence x

  3. Those little.birdies are so cute and I.love the.cushions, one of my New Year resolutions is to learn to sew

  4. Cute birds and the cushions look like a great way to use old T shirts!