1 September 2011

Guilty Pleasures and work in progress

We all have Guilty Pleasures and I came home from another hard day at the chalk face to find two. The lastest edition of Craft Stamper and a lovely box of goodies from Art from the Heart. Some of you might argue that these are essentials and do not constitute a guilty pleasure. However, we are trying to cut down on our spending so cannot justify these. Oh wait I can. I have stopped smoking for 7 weeks and 4 days so need a treat that does not pile on the calories. Just opening the box and seeing the tissue paper, string and hearts made me smile after a pretty awful day. For those of you who don't know I am a teacher (boo hiss, too many holidays) at a High School teaching English. We have been back for a few weeks now and with cuts leading to less staff, bigger classes and less resources we are all a little frazzled. But enough of the day job... what's inside?
Smushasha and Eric from Stampotique, Lady Audrey from Octopode, Dina Wakely Grungy Silhoutte, Dependable Dotty from Dylusions, more Dylusions paints, more TH distress ink pads and three of the TH distress stains from Ranger. I had to get them out to play. I have been working on a journal page about water sports and Smushasha seemed perfect. It's too dark to photograph the finished page now but as you can she is holding a surf board.
When I showed my daughter my new purchases she just looked at me and said "You are just getting weirder!"
On the occasional comments from pupils here is a response from a pupil asked to name a  famous Scottish Inventor by one of my colleagues. "Sir, is Napier one?" (prounounced to rhyme with happier). Encouraging nod from teacher and pupil goes on "He invented Nappies!" Needless to say he struggled to make a suitable reply.

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  1. Hi Sally. Those are lovely goodies. You deserve to treat yourself now and again! Just think of the hours of fun you will get out of your new stash. You are doing well with the non-smoking.
    Regards Florence x