3 August 2011

My oh so tidy craft room - blink and it will be messy again!

My computer area
I have spent the last two days cleaning and sorting out my craft space and it is now a wonderful place to be in. I know it won't last because I am just not that tidy but now I can relax and find everything. Here's a quick tour round.
The old sofa is covered in a patchwork throw which was a present from my sister and numerous cushions and is now a lovely place to sit and contemplate the world or read a book. The first sets of shelves are full of books and are a useful place to show scrap booking layouts and canvases. I have glass doors for the Ikea shelves as I like the extra light that is bounced round the room from the glass.
I also have a glass table which used to be eldest son's desk. Glass is brilliant to work on as it doesn't stain and you can chip off the excess glue with a craft knife (something I do a lot as I am such an untidy crafter).
I keep a lot of pens on my window in a variety of old tins but so far have only had time to alter the old box my Pro markers are kept in.
The shelves above my computer are full of bits and pieces and if you look closely you can see I have now made a white felt mouse to keep the bird pincushion company.
I have two notice boards and these pegs around my computer for changing displays and photos.

Those of you who have been following the sorry tale of my glasses (eaten and destroyed by the dog) will be surprised to hear that the damage is not covered by our insurance - initially they told me it was and I went off to the Opticians and was told I needed new frames and lenses. As I thought I was insured I paid the £300 today only to be told by the insurance company that they got it wrong! I am not covered under building, contents or personal possessions for damage caused by animals. The man very kindly informed me that if I had stood on them, or sat on them and said that was what had happened I would have been covered. It just goes to show that honesty does not count for much in this mad world.


  1. Very tidy room. I've discovered that the only way to keep my craft room tidy is not to craft and I can't do that so every so often I go on a tidying frenzy. Shame about the glasses

  2. What a great work area you have. Soooo tidy. Shame about the glasses. Unfortunately honesty doesn't pay!! Have you ever heard of goggles4u.com. Been using them for years. Worth having a look. Have a great weekend.
    Regards Florence.

  3. Sorry about your specs - they look a sorry sight now! Insurance companies - Gah!